Purchasing Programs

With the increased number of new courses in the United States, current courses are searching for alternative products to increase the playability of their courses. R.W. Sidley, Inc. offers four (4) purchasing programs that will allow you to upgrade your course within your desired time frame and budget.
Ongoing Maintenance Program:
Bunkers with traditional sand, if not maintained on a regular basis, can fall quickly into disrepair. By adding Pro/Angle, the Original 100% Angular Bunker Sand, to your existing bunker, you will increase the wind resistance and drainage of the bunker, reducing your overall sand loss, while increasing the bunker's ability to resist ball impact.
Total Bunker Replacement Program:
As mentioned, the number of courses in the United States continue to increase while the overall number of golfers remain flat. Pro/Angle, the Original 100% Angular Bunker Sand, increases the playability of your course while reducing the annual maintenance required on bunkers. R.W. Sidley, Inc. offers design and custom placement programs based on your requirements.
New Construction Program:
Today's designers, architects and contractors are faced with the increasing expectation in quality of designs as well as quality of material used. R.W. Sidley, Inc., new golf course construction program brings bunker development to the next level, by allowing the designer to create new and innovative designs, while minimizing maintenance costs.
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